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Create or add Plugins to share with your team

Plugins add capabilities to your Application and infrastructure. Start creating your own Plugin.

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Create Stacks and solve use cases

Each Stack can contain multiple Plugins. Package infrastructure components, patterns, configurations, and dependencies. Updating is simple and the distribution system is operable among all areas of the company.

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Organize technologies in Studios

Studios reunite Plugins and Stacks with specific language, technical discipline, or even team topology. It is easier to distribute standardized content.

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Manage everything in the Workspace

Make context available for you team using Application architecture configuration and infrastructure components.

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Create and distribute content using the Development Platform

Create and organize content in Studios. Manage Workspaces. It's an easier way for yout team to understand the company context and consume Stacks.

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Optimized development experience

Create, publish, and update your Plugins with STK CLI. What you do in the command line reflects on our Platform.

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Why StackSpot?

Improve technical quality

Improve technical quality

Centralize technological standards in one place. You ensure your software architecture design is executed with quality and security.

Speed up your software development with confidence

Speed up your software development with confidence

Avoid your team's rework and delivery delays by creating development standards.

Simplify your cloud journey

Simplify your cloud journey

StackSpot Services is a faster way to configure your Cloud. You can find best practice recommendations to deploy with safety and reduce costs.

Reduce the team's cognitive load

Reduce the team's cognitive load

Reusing technology pieces, your team focuses on quality, scalability, and developing business features.

What are the advantages of Stackspot?


faster on business delivery cycle

1 day

for your code to go into production


less cognitive load for the teams

What do Tech Leaders say about StackSpot

Our automation test (integration, system) coverage was low. We needed to boost it. The first thought? Let's use StackSpot as a project 'Starter', using templates.


Marco Antônio Cunha

QA Engineer no iti

We can already impute some security and observability standards and quickly get out of the initial configuration process and implement business features. What used to take weeks, now takes a matter of minutes.


Rigel Aguilar

Arquiteto de Soluções na Localiza

If the development team is gaining time and operational efficiency, the coordinators are able to execute strategies better, leaving more time to carry out tasks in parallel, for example.


Guilherme Berlim

Head de Transformação Itaú Shop

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